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Versions History

1.6 build 1450 (15-Feb-2019)

+bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that in rare cases could cause yCal to crash upon startup on certain system configurations.

1.6 build 1409 (18-Oct-2018)

new features
  • pressing ALT key while starting up yCal will wipe out all configuration data, resetting yCal to factory settings. They may come helpful if somehow your configuration got corrupted.
  • relaxed system requirements to MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.
+bug fixes
  • fixed a very rare bug in truncating calendar names in the left hand calendar list; in very rare cases, shrinking the calendar list too small could crash yCal.

1.6 build 1397 (03-Oct-2018)

new features
  • updated to fully support and take advantage of MacOS Mojave.
  • full support of Mojave dark mode.
  • full support of Mojave accent colors.
  • caution: now requires MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer as we make use of newer APIs
+bug fixes
  • optimized calendar store access (multi-threaded, more stable and reliable, optimized for Mojave)
  • optimized scrolling and swiping through years and weeks
  • optimized window redraw during scrolling, swiping, and resizing
  • optimized note taking
  • optimized day previews in year view
  • improved stability when reading corrupted configuration files

1.5 build 1346 (07-April-2018) (zip)

  • caution: last version to support MacOS 10.7 (Lion) through 10.11 (El Capitan)!
    Download this zip file if you're not yet on MacOS 10.12 or newer!
bug fixes
  • fixed some bugs, cleaned up the code, and polished it to smoothly run on the newest OS versions.

1.5 build 1310 (20-April-2017)

bug fixes
  • fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in upside-down text in popup panels and hover panels when running on OSX 10.11 and above.

1.5 build 1287 (8-May-2015)

new features
  • New type of markers: smart markers now allow to automatically mark days in the year view based on existing (standard) events in your calendars! Just define a match string (supports regular expressions!) and the smart marker will do the rest.
bug fixes
  • minor stability improvements, typo fixes, and bug fixes

1.4 build 1260 (10-Sep-2014) (zip)

new features
  • Updated to support OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Now allows subscribed calendars to be used as holiday and birthday calendars natively in yCal
  • Now allows to show previews of notes attached to days in the year view
bug fixes
  • Selecting / deselecting holiday and birthday calendars will now live update in week view
  • Improved handling of OS X access rights to calendars and reminders
  • Fixed a subtle glitch when managing empty birthday calendars

1.3 build 1243 (16-Feb-2014) (zip)

bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creation of an external configuration file in cases where the find panel had never been opened.
  • Added Brasilian (Portuguese) localization — thanks to Paulo Neto!

1.3 build 1237 (20-Jan-2014)

bug fixes
  • Will now check for calendar access permission which were newly introduced with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. If permissions are not granted, yCal will alert the user and quit.
  • Fixed a missing english localization when deleting events from the find panel.

1.3 build 1205 (01-Nov-2013) (zip)

new features
  • Updated to fully support OS X 10.9 Mavericks, including a new, lighter UI style.
bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with broken swipe gestures in the week view once the display mode was changed.

1.2 build 1179 (20-Aug-2013) (zip)

new features
  • yCal now supports alerts for events! As with Apple's iCal or Calendar, you can specify different kinds of alerts (alarms) to remind you about an event. Select between showing a message in the notification center, playing a sound, sending an email, or opening a file or an application. Freely define when you want to be reminded, and configure as many of such alerts as you like!
bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug which could severely mess up the user interface when dragging the week view left or right with the mouse. Sorry this slipped through testing up to now!

1.1 build 1169 (28-Jul-2013) (zip)

new features
  • a few small UI refinements, e.g. new marker checkboxes
bug fixes
  • fixed pick up of an MAS license: if yCal had been installed from the Mac AppStore (MAS) before, this version from our website will automatically pick up the license data -- no need to license yCal again!

1.1 build 1160 (07-Jul-2013) (zip)

bug fixes
  • calendar sources panel on left side can now be adjusted in size by directly dragging the divider; this fixes a (very rare) problem when sizes got messed up and you couldn't re-adjust

1.1 build 1151 (15-Apr-2013) (zip)

new features
  • improved printing system: can now print year view as well as week view with adjustable details/resolution

1.1 build 1141 (1-Apr-2013) (zip)

new features
  • reminder calendars won't show up in yCal anymore; this behavior is consistent with Apple's iCal and Calendar apps and makes sense as those calendars aren't editable anyway
  • the 'please register' nag screen now comes up every three minutes instead of every minute
bug fixes
  • fixed a problem with the build number which caused the update function of yCal to continuously report an available update (even if you had been on the latest version)
  • fixed a small cosmetic glitch in the preferences (sync pane)
  • newly discovered calendars (e.g. upon first start of yCal) are now switched on (checked) by default

1.1 build 1132 (10-Mar-2013) (zip)

new features
  • new in-app help system to support users configuring and using yCal

1.1 build 1115 (21-Feb-2013) (zip)

bug fixes
  • fixed the missing english localization of event recurrence settings

1.1 build 1096 (19-Jan-2013) (zip)

new features
  • new setup assistant, helping you to get started quickly
    (will help with configuring marker storage, setting up holiday and birthday calendars, and defining a first marker)
bug fixes
  • performance improvements wrt. calendar store updates
  • minor bug fixes regarding keyboard shortcuts

1.1 build 1045 (1-Oct-2012) (zip)

new features
  • full support for retina displays
  • full support for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Gatekeeper support (signed with Developer ID)

1.0 build 963 (8-Aug-2012) (zip)

new features
  • whitespaces will automatically be removed from license key input (to facilitate copy/paste of license key from the PDF invoice)
bug fixes
  • improved compatibility for 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • improved license handling

1.0 build 927 (15-Apr-2012) (zip)

new features
  • version checking for use of external configuration files will now ignore build numbers
  • will make sure that start time is always earlier than end time when saving event changes
  • implemented two-finger swiping in year view and week view
  • improved highlighting of selected events in week view
bug fixes
  • fixed a problem with opening the 'About yCal' dialog on Snow Leopard (10.6)
  • fixed a problem with the 'Please register' nag screen
  • fixed a problem with loosing attendee information while editing an event

1.0 build 880 (8-Jan-2012) (zip)

new features
  • removed the emboss effect on calendar week indicator in yearView
  • added auto-select in YearView when pressing arrow keys
bug fixes
  • Fixed the interaction with iCal (when iCal is running in parallel):
    • iCal update notifications for newly created events
    • externally modifying an about-to-be-created event
    • externally deleting an about-to-be-created event
    • externally modifying or deleting a selected event
  • creating a new event via the menu now by default chooses the current day, not the first visible day in weekView
  • fixed the bug with the horizontal splitter, which cannot be dragged below minimum now

1.0 build 854 (4-Nov-2011) (zip)

new features
  • Cleaned up the preferences dialog
  • Choose between picking an existing config file vs. creating a new one
  • When picking an existing file, you're asked whether to apply it immediately
  • Option to monitor and apply live updates to the external configuration. This way, your configurations are kept in sync even when running multiple instances of yCal simultaneously.
bug fixes
  • Improved drawing speed in calendars list
  • Fixed a bug in calendars list that could cause the view to get distorted
  • Added an auto-update and auto-cleanup method for user preferences, so that preferences will get migrated to new settings of new versions of yCal automatically.
  • Fixed the auto-update mechanism.